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Genesee Academy (Training)
Better Data Model (Data Vault)
RapidACE (Data Vault Consulting) (Data Vault Tech)

Welcome to COBICC Affiliates.

We are proud to align ourselves with world-class organizations.  Our board members are usually involved in running their own firms. In this list, we have provided a mechanism for you to see a company list, board member name, and their affiliations.  Feel free to click their li


Colorado Business Intelligence Community Connection

nks and visit their web-sites.

Dan Linstedt and Hans Hultgren

  • Genesee Academy - World Class Training and Certification
  • Better Data Model - Business Discussions, wiki and blog on Data Vault architecture and how it applies to business.
  • RapidACE - Rapid Architectural Consolidation Engine, spurring growth in push-button architecture and dynamic data warehousing.
  • Empowered Holdings - Free Informatica (ETL) Forums, a good place for students to discuss and learn Informatica ETL.
  • - Free Technical discussions on the Data Vault architecture.


Claudia Imhoff

Maureen Clarry

Kent Graziano

Bill Inmon

Tammy Henderson

Lowell Fryman

Chuck Wolter

Carolyn Hepp


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